The frequently asked questions about “Sailing with TideCat“. If your particular question is not listed, please don't hesitate to call or mail us!

How do I book the desired sailing trip?

Simply pick the desired sailing trip from the schedule and fill in and submit the booking form.

You will receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation shortly which will include all important data and information.

About 3 weeks prior to the trip you will receive a check-list with all the things which are important and necessary for the sailing trip.

What are the payment terms?

If you book more than 6 weeks before the trip, you only have to make a down payment of 30%. The remaining amount is due 4 weeks before the trip.

How are arrival and departure organised?

You organise arrival and departure yourself. We will inform you of the exact meeting point at least 4 weeks before the trip.

In the description of the sailing trip you will find advice about the arrival and about sights which you may want to visit before or after the sailing trip.

What documents do I need for the sailing trip?

For the charter you should have the booking confirmation for the berth and your passport or ID card with you.

If you have a sailing or a boating license, it also makes sense to take the originals of these licenses with you. The same applies to a health insurance card.

Please remember that the immigration and visa requirements are your own responsibility. Please research the relevant regulations in due time and contact the relevant embassies or consulates if necessary.

Can I take part in a sailing trip without any prior knowledge?

No prior sailing experience is required for our sailing trips. The skippers are well-trained and can perform most of the task on board alone.

But of course we appreciate if you want to help on board or man the helm. After all, this is the difference between a sailing trip and a cruise. At the beginning of the journey there will be an instruction for situations that require the help of the fellow shipmates, e.g. for docking manoeuvres.

What kind of expenses am I looking at?

The expenses for the sailing trip, the kitty on board and the arrival have to be kept separately.

The price for the sailing trip includes the expenses for the yacht, the provision of a qualified skipper as well as the training and instruction on board.

There will be a kitty on board for all operating expenses (engine hours, gas, diesel), harbour fees and the final cleaning of the yacht.

The participants have to organise their arrival at the port of departure themselves.

What is a kitty?

On all sailing trips, it is common to have a kitty on board. Out of this kitty, the food and the operating expenses (e.g. diesel, harbour fees, final cleaning) will be paid.

The shopping on the first day is financed out of the kitty, according to a democratic decision with the skipper. All members of the sailing tour contribute equal shares to the kitty. The skipper is exempt from paying contributions.

As the kitty depends on the consumption by the crew as well as the area that you will be sailing in, we can't make a general statement. Based on our experience, the amount will be 150 Euros per person per week. The remaining money will be paid out to the participants of the trip at the end of the journey.

How are meals organised on board?

After getting together at the sailing yacht, the crew will purchase the food and drinks together.

Breakfast and lunch are usually prepared on board. At dinner time, the yacht is usually in a harbour, so that one may choose between cooking on board or going to a restaurant.

The yachts usually come with a completely equipped kitchen. The crew will decide whether they want to cook together or according to a certain schedule.

How is such a sailing trip arranged?

You will usually meet the skipper at 5 pm on the day of the arrival. The first night is spent in the harbour (moving onto the boat, security instruction) before setting sail for the first time the next morning. The beginning and the end of the trip are fixed, but apart from that you will discuss among yourselves how to arrange the holiday.

Life on board depends mainly on the crew as well as the wind and the weather conditions. All necessary tasks will be performed as a team, e.g. setting and striking sails, docking manoeuvres, setting the table, going for errands, preparing breakfast, cooking and preparing the vessel. The skipper has the sole authority over all decisions that concern the safety of the guests on board and the operation of the boat; all shipmates have to obey him.

The sailing trips are equally suitable for beginners and for advanced sailors, but we expect that everyone will actively participate. Sailing is a team sport. We sail together, we clean together and we take turns in the kitchen.

Do I need a life vest?

Safety equipment, including life vests for adults, are on board.

Can I withdraw from a sailing trip?

A withdrawal is possible. Please see our terms and conditions in that case.

What kind of luggage and equipment do I need?

Sports clothes are recommended. For once, you can leave the smoking at home.

There are pillows and blankets on board, so that you won't need sleeping bags; bed linen will be sufficient.

Due to the limited storage space in the berths of the sailing vessel, a duffel bag or several smaller bags are better than one large bag or a hard-top case. For the latter there is hardly any space on board.

How much will the experience be influenced by the weather?

The skipper will coordinate the plans with all members of the crew in light of the current weather conditions.

This can lead to a change of the daily, interim or final destination of the sailing trip or may even lead to one day in a harbour or a longer distance to be sailed.

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